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Schools to fight labor ruling

Source: THE ENQUIRER (OH), April 2, 2008

Mason school officials plan to fight an administrative law judge’s recent ruling regarding unfair labor charges filed against the district.

Two years ago, the district contracted for custodial services at the new Mason Early Childhood Center and at an addition to the intermediate school. Doing so is saving about $300,000 annually, said Mike Brannon, assistant superintendent for operations.

The district’s chapter of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees filed unfair labor practice charges, alleging that the district refused to bargain with the union on the matter. The union represents groundskeepers and custodial, maintenance and HVAC workers.

School contractor faces fire at hearing

Source: By Jameel Naqvi, Daily Herald (IL), 3/28/2008

Aramark, the contractor that cleans and feeds dozens of suburban schools, was in the hot seat Thursday.

The Illinois House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee held a hearing in Chicago on a litany of complaints against Aramark from workers, parents and union officials.

The Philadelphia-based company did not attend the hearing — missing a chance to respond to a nationwide campaign to unionize Aramark workers and expose the firm’s alleged abuses.

……. Thursday’s hearing focused on a report released this month by the Service Employees’ International Union, which is trying to add 100,000 Aramark workers nationwide to its membership rolls and 2,000 in the Chicago area alone.

…… The report, titled “Failing Grade: How Outsourcing Vital School Services to Aramark Corp. is Shortchanging Illinois Kids,” alleges Aramark pays low wages, provides few benefits and does not adequately clean schools or feed suburban schoolchildren.

Employees speak out against privatization of school services

Source: By Mary Beth Almond, C & G News (MI), Feb. 22.

Members of Birmingham Public Schools’ custodial and transportation staff are up in arms about the district’s exploration of possible changes to school services.

…… On Feb. 5, an alert from the Michigan American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Council 25 was placed next to the agenda outside the Board of Education meeting room for members of the community to pick up on their way into the meeting.

The flier, endorsed by Michigan AFSCME Council 25 President Albert Garrett and Secretary-Treasurer Lawrence A. Roehrig, stated, “As public school districts consider choosing moving forward with plans to privatize school services, they are treading a well-worn and ill-chosen path filled with pitfalls.”

Aramark faces allegations in city schools

Source: Samantha Broussard-Wilson, Yale Daily News (CT), Friday, February 1, 2008

Aramark, the food-services company formerly employed by Yale University Dining Services, is now facing allegations of mismanagement and poor food quality from cafeteria workers and custodians in New Haven Public Schools.

…… The rally is being organized by UNITE HERE, a union that includes hotel, restaurant and some cafeteria employees and is affiliated with the Federation of Hospital and University Employees, the union for service workers at Yale. Council 4 and Service Employees International Union, both custodial-worker unions, are also involved in the organizing the rally.

…… The Local 287 division of Council 4 had almost 100 percent of its membership sign a petition calling for the Board of Education to fire Aramark, said Larry Dorman, a Council 4 spokesman.

Custodians want break with Aramark

Source: By Elizabeth Benton, New Haven Register (CT), Mon, Jan 14, 2008

Nearly 200 custodians working in city schools will petition the Board of Education tonight to terminate its relationship with Aramark Corp, calling the Philadelphia company’s performance in New Haven an “unmitigated disaster.”

“There’s no more working together. There’s no more covering for them,” said Robert Montouri, president of Council 4 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 287.

Pickets Decry Tampa Layoffs

Source: By Ellen Gedalius, The Tampa Tribune (FL), December 20, 2007

TAMPA – Chanting “No justice, no peace!” more than 30 union workers, including several city employees, protested outside city hall this morning.

They said Mayor Pam Iorio shouldn’t proceed with plans to lay off 100 employees.

In November, Iorio announced 100 people likely would lose their jobs next year when the city privatizes some services. About 50 security officers and 38 janitors are among those targeted.

From Public Servants To Corporate Employees: The BC Government's Alternative Service Delivery Plan in Practice

Source: Penny Gurstein and Stuart Murray, with Anisha Datta and Marika Albert, Canadian Centre for Policy Initiatives, October 2007

This report examines two cases of alternative service delivery (ASD) to assess the impact on customer service and the quality of working life for the outsourced workers in BC. Our findings suggest that, contrary to the government’s claim that “this is alternative service delivery, not privatization,” ASD is a form of privatization. ASD allows partnerships to form between the government and companies that specialize in outsourcing, changing the culture and delivery of public services.

This paper looks at how outsourcing has impacted government services and affected the economic security of the workers involved by focusing on two case studies:

• Outsourcing of “back office” work at BC Hydro to Accenture, including customer services, IT services, human resources, financial systems, purchasing, and buildings services; and

• Outsourcing of administration of the Medical Services Plan and PharmaCare to Maximus.

In both cases, work previously done by public sector employees is now administered by a multinational for-profit corporation.

Compass Group wants to import cleaners

Source: CUPE (Canada), October 12, 2007 11:26 AM

A private contractor in BC is having a hard time recruiting and retaining people to do the most dangerous, and dirty health care jobs for $12.59 an hour. Imagine that.

To HEU, the solution is simple.

“The provincial government should require health care contractors to provide living wages to their workers,” says HEU Secretary-Business Manager Judy Darcy.

But Compass, a British multinational that posted $1 billion in profits last year, apparently really likes the low wage. So they’re proposing hiring temporary foreign workers to clean operating rooms and feed patients in Vancouver Island hospitals.

School Board forgoes outsourcing, compromises with custodial union

Source: By Adam Wise, Daily Tribune (WI), September 26, 2007

The Wisconsin Rapids School Board elected Tuesday night to fill current custodial vacancies with non-union employees on its own, a change from its recent plan. For the past month, the School Board has contemplated outsourcing its custodians as another measure to cut spending in the district.

This past summer, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local No. 1075 bargained language into its latest contract that limited the school district’s ability to outsource only through attrition.

Carcieri moves to replace workers

Source: By Steve Peoples, Providence Journal (RI), Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Carcieri administration has selected the Massachusetts firm Hurley of America Inc. to replace scores of housekeeping employees at Eleanor Slater Hospital with private contractors.

……. Yesterday’s announcement represents a direct challenge to the General Assembly, which passed a law two months ago as part of the state budget aimed at slowing Carcieri’s aggressive push to expand privatization. The law outlines a series of detailed reporting requirements and cost-benefit analyses before the governor can replace state employees.

…… “This is a premeditated shot at the unions prior to Labor Day. I don’t know what [the governor] is thinking,” said Dennis Grilli, executive director of Council 94, the largest state employees union.