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Quality, Cost, and Purpose: Comparisons of Government and Private Sector Payments for Similar Services

Source: Kristina Richardi, Luc Schuster, and Nancy Wagman, Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, January 23, 2011

This paper looks at what our state government pays for child care (which Massachusetts calls ”early education and care” in recognition of the importance of quality early care in the educational development of children), health care, and education, and compares those costs to what is paid for those services in the private sector. We find that in providing child care for lower-income working parents, the state purchases care from providers who also provide care to private clients. The rates that the state pays these providers range from 66 percent to 96 percent of the median market rate in each region. Our state Medicaid program buys health care in the same market as private payers, but pays only 80 percent of the rates paid by private payers. Finally, this paper finds that the average cost of public schools, $13,142 per student, is dramatically below the cost of private schools, which average $32,084 per student – and generally educate children from less challenging backgrounds.

Canada’s children not for sale

Source: CUPE, December 7, 2010

CUPE sounds the alarm about the latest big box child care operator in Canada

A new company called Edleun Group has set up shop in Canada with a goal to own ten per cent of the Canadian child care market.

Parents, child care providers and communities beware: this would be a major shift for Canada where child care is primarily operated on a non-profit basis that reflects the needs of children instead of shareholders.
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Head Start agency's memo says it's time to lobby City HallC

Source: Ken Rodriguez, Express-News (TX), 02/17/2008 10:39 PM CST

The CEO of the nonprofit agency that runs Head Start didn’t like what she heard during a recent meeting with city leaders. Dennis Campa, the city’s director of Community Initiatives, said Parent/Child, Inc. failed to staff Head Start classrooms with the required number of teachers. City Councilwoman Diane Cibrian said some PCI administrators earn salaries 60 percent to 110 percent above average market value.

……. A member of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union, Gonzalez-Shaw said, “Our contract guarantees modest wage increases of between 8 and 15 cents for employees like teachers, teacher’s assistants and bus drivers, many of whom earn between $6 and $8 per hour. “To date, PCI has refused to honor these modest pay increases, arguing that Head Start regulations prevent them from paying ‘significantly higher than the average wage.’ “

Interesting. An agency that refuses to reduce the above-average-market salaries of administrators refuses to grant an 8-cent raise for low-level employees. How’s that for a talking point? PCI squeezes pennies from its poor.

Porter-Leath Snags Head Start Contract

Source: BILL DRIES, The Memphis Daily News (TN), August 29, 2007

Shelby County Commissioners Monday approved a contract with Porter-LeathChildren’s Center to provide Head Start services to 460 children.

…….. The contract, authorized by an earlier County Commission and negotiated by County Mayor A C Wharton Jr., met fierce resistance from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the union that represents county employees who work at the Head Start centers now operated by county government. Those centers care for nearly 3,200 children.

……. Commissioner Mike Carpenter said the compromise “stinks.”

“Shelby County Head Start is in good shape. That’s not the argument here,” he said, pointing out figures from the National Head Start Association that show only 6 percent of the country’s Head Start programs are run by local governments. Most are run by non-profits similar to Porter-Leath.

Agency cited in Marcus case

Source: BY SHEILA MCLAUGHLIN, Cincinnati Enquirer, November 27, 2006

Lifeway For Youth shouldn’t have allowed Liz and David Carroll to be foster parents because the couple wasn’t qualified or trained, a state review made public Monday concluded. The report by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services also said the private agency didn’t check on Marcus Fiesel as often as it was required.

City-run child care intact

Source: By Neil Gonzales, Mercury News (CA), Wed, Sep. 06, 2006

Menlo Park will hold off on any decision to privatize its city-run child-care program, after the for-profit group Building Kidz pulled out from the bidding process because of community opposition. But child-care privatization will probably remain a hot election topic and could become reality, as Councilwoman Lee Duboc plans to reopen the process if she retains her seat in November.

Menlo Park to privatize child care?

Source: by Rory Brown, Palo Alto Online (CA), Thursday, April 20, 2006, 12:06 PM

Despite pleas from union representatives and teachers, the Menlo Park City Council decided at its April 19 meeting to take a closer look at privatizing the city’s child care services. ….. But Councilwoman Kelly Fergusson — to the cheers of about 30 union supporters and representatives in the audience — said the city needs more information about how the city’s child care programs run before considering privatization. She said city staff’s estimated cost to the city of running the programs — about $444,000 a year — isn’t accurate, and the council should wait for the results of a cost allocation study before making drastic decisions about who should operate the programs.