Taxpayer group heading to court to halt Fall River trash privatization

Source: Jo C. Goode, Herald News, June 27, 2016

On Wednesday, plaintiffs involved in a “Ten Taxpayer Group” lawsuit meant to invalidate the 10-year agreement with EZ Disposal Services will be heading to court in an effort to be granted a temporary restraining order. … Twenty-four city sanitation workers have gotten their pink slips, with their final day of employment being June 30. The fleet of 18 trash trucks still needs to be declared by the City Council as surplus property and then decide how to sell them off. Under state law, the council must attempt to get the best value for the vehicles by either sealed bids or by auction. …


Viveiros: Breaking privatization pact would cost Fall River as much as $1.67 million
Source: Michael Holtzman, Herald News, June 20, 2016

The termination fee, should the city withdraw from the 10-year privatization contract for trash collection signed 10 days ago, would be “a one-time fee” and peak at $1.67 million in the second year as part of a transition process, City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros said. She said that contract the city had announced and provided with EZ Disposal Service in Revere was purposely backloaded, with the first two years for solid waste and recycling collections costing $3.3 million, and the third year taking a huge jump to $4,473,521. … Under the first-year termination pact with EZ Disposal, the cost of voiding the contract in any month is $798,168, according to fee attachments in a contract totaling more than 70 pages. The contract begins July 1. In Year Two, the early termination fee is $1,678,299 for any month in fiscal 2018. For year three, fiscal 2019, when the expense side jumps almost $1.125 million to $4.47 million, termination fee costs de-escalate from $1.67 million to $1.47 million by the end of the fiscal year. There are cost-of-living increases built from that point forward so that by Year 10, the collection contract is approximately $5.1 million. …

Agreement reached to privatize Fall River trash pickup
Source: Michael Holtzman, Herald News, June 10, 2016

Freshman Mayor Jasiel Correia II took his most significant action to date when he signed an expected 10-year contract to privatize trash hauling with EZ Disposal Service. Conforming to a general agreement from three weeks ago, payments to EZ Disposal, based in Revere, escalate from $3.3 million the first year to $5.1 million in year 10. It is slightly more than a 53 percent increase over a decade. … By privatizing the city’s trash pickup, the administration claims the city would save just under $1.5 million in fiscal 2017 and $8.7 million over the life of the contract. The city’s trash disposal, at a projected $25.5 million, and yard waste disposal of $1.7 million, over 10 years, are not part of this contract. …

After nearly 6 hours of debate, no progress on Fall River trash-hauling issues
Source: Jo C. Goode, Herald News, May 11, 2016

Before the meeting, approximately 100 union members and their supporters stood in protest at Government Center over Correia’s determination to privatize the sanitation program despite cross-complaints of unfair labor practices between the administration and the city sanitation workers. Those complaints are about to be addressed on May 23 before the Department of Labor Relations. With privatization, the administration estimated that 22 sanitation workers will face layoffs. … Correia and the lawyers negotiating for the city had declared an impasse with the Teamsters Local 251 in late April, when they failed to reach an agreement on a new contract within a 30-day deadline set by Correia. The mayor reiterated that they could not reach an agreement and his decision was to privatize after renegotiating an agreement from an original bid with private trash hauler EZ Disposal and Recycling, the company Correia is now in contract negotiations with. …

Teamsters to Battle Fall River’s Move to Privatize Trash Collection
Source:, May 1, 2016

The Teamsters labor union is challenging the City of Fall River’s recent decision to privatize trash collection, saying the city didn’t bargain in good faith — and is taking the fight to the state labor relations board in Massachusetts.  Fall River’s new Mayor, twenty-four year old Jasiel Correia lauded the move in a recent Facebook post touting his accomplishments in his first year in office —but the Teamsters Local 251, who represents the city’s trash collectors, said that it is taking the fight to the Massachusetts Labor Relations Board in a meeting scheduled for May 23. …

Fall River privatizes trash; Workers angered at union
Source: Adam Bagni, NBC 10 News, April 12, 2016

The mayor of Fall River announced Tuesday that the city’s controversial pay-as-you-throw trash program will stay in place, but will undergo numerous changes. Mayor Jasiel Correia also announced that he’s privatizing the city’s trash services, which will cost some city workers their jobs. … Residents will still have to pay for city-labeled purple bags, but a $10 monthly household fee will be dropped. … Meanwhile, the city says the privatization of trash services will save it $1.5 million in its first year and $8.7 million over 10 years. The mayor claimed 73 percent of Gateway Cities have privatized their trash services, because they can’t keep up with regulations costs. Trash removal will be handled by EZ Disposal Service of Revere, which will also purchase the city’s equipment for $1.1 million. Correia said he tried to bargain with city workers, but their union wouldn’t budge on disagreements over management. He claims wages weren’t an issue. … About 25 to 30 city workers will be affected by the move, but the mayor said the contractor has agreed to hire most of them, if they’re willing.