DMV Computer Error Means 50,000 Will Receive Incorrect Car Tax Bills

Source: Jon Lender, Hartford Courant, June 8, 2016

The Department of Motor Vehicles admitted Wednesday that about 50,000 incorrect car tax bills will be mailed to Connecticut drivers as a result of its continuing computer nightmare, which has sent faulty information to municipal assessors about what vehicles are in their towns. … Local tax officials complained early this year of errors on tax lists after the DMV switched to an upgraded, supposedly improved computer system for vehicle registrations. Wednesday’s announcement served notice that the fears of those officials are about to become a reality. … The foul-up with the tax bills is the latest result of the problem-plagued $26 million computer upgrade performed for the state by contractor 3M Company. When the new system for registrations went live last summer, near-chaos descended on the DMV as customer wait times tripled and customers waited as long as eight hours for service. In January, the DMV commissioner in charge of the change, Andres Ayala Jr., resigned after apologizing to motorists whose registrations were revoked erroneously. …


Malloy hires corporate customer-service expert at DMV
Source: Mark Pazniokas, CTMirror, March 16, 2016

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy named a new team Wednesday, including a retired corporate executive with experience fixing customer service systems, to oversee the outsized headache the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has become. The governor, who accepted the resignation of the DMV commissioner in January amid chronic computer problems and near-nightly television stories about long lines and angry customers, named Michael Bzdyra as commissioner and Judeen Wrinn as deputy. Wrinn’s title, however, is a misnomer. The former executive of Aetna, ING and Voya will have one full-time job: to diagnose and repair a customer-service disaster that DMV officials blame on a new computer system that went live in August.

DMV Head Says Privatizing Services May Reduce Waiting
Source: Alban Murtishi, Hartford Courant, February 29, 2016

At a public hearing of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee Monday, Acting Commissioner Dennis Murphy detailed a few ways the DMV can further reduce wait times. One strategy would be to allow the DMV to enter into contracts with independent contractors and delegate simple transactions to them and provide motorists with more options. For example, the American Automobile Association already processes some driver’s license renewals, and the proposal could expand their services to process vehicle registration. This would include a $5 convenience fees for the transactions. … One potential roadblock facing the proposal is that some DMV processes require special licensing and regulation that would be difficult to implement at AAA, such as license registration. Additionally, some DMV employees are opposed to more privatization after the fallout from glitches with the $26 million computer system, which was installed by a private company, 3M.

Editorial: Outsourcing more Connecticut DMV services is a worthy idea
Source: New Haven Register, February 11, 2016

But drivers who spend hours waiting in line to conduct business at the DMV probably could not care less about who is providing the service as much as whether it can be provided efficiently and expeditiously. The answer to that right now is a resounding no. … According to the America Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, at least 18 states outsource some of their DMV services and at least 10 states outsource driving tests for licenses to private companies. Allowing the state to enter into contracts with private contractors — such as AAA, which already provides non-commericial drivers license services — will reduce frustration at DMV branches, allow people to get things done more quickly and relieve stress levels for overworked DMV employees and cusotmers.

Malloy proposes expanding outsourcing of DMV services
Source: Mike Savino, Journal Inquirer, February 10, 2016

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced Tuesday that he is proposing a bill that would expand the services Connecticut outsources from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The proposal, “An Act Decreasing Wait Times,” would allow outside contractors like AAA to provide vehicle registration services — currently the drivers’ club provides only non-commercial license services. … While Malloy said the changes are needed to make the DMV more efficient, state AFL-CIO President Lori Pelletier said the performance of the software, purchased by 3M, should serve as a warning to those calling for more outsourcing.

Malloy Proposes Bill To Outsource Some DMV Services
Source: Christine Stuart, Connecticut News Junkie, February 9, 2016

Malloy introduced legislation last week that allows the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to contract with a third party to offer vehicle registration services, postpones issuance of vessel titles until 2018, and permits residents to register their vehicle even if they haven’t paid property taxes or parking tickets. The title of the legislation is called “An Act Decreasing Wait Times at the Department of Motor Vehicles.” … “The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is already an outsourcing disaster,” Lori Pelletier, president of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, said. She said over the past year the public has witnessed what happens when work is outsourced and there’s no data on whether it will save the state money in the long run. …