Charter School Begins Shutting Down—Students are Pushed Out

Source: Lisa Kaiser, Shepherd Express, April 5, 2016

Milwaukeeans were shocked to find out that the troubled North Point Lighthouse Charter School gave parents just a few days’ notice in February that it would shut down three grades before closing down entirely at the end of the school year. But as the Shepherd can report exclusively, the school, chartered by the City of Milwaukee, will keep the state aid for the estimated 60 students who have been transferred from the school, even though they won’t finish the school year there. Most of them apparently are now enrolled in Milwaukee Public Schools, which won’t be compensated for teaching them. In fact, because of the way the state funds public schools, MPS likely won’t be compensated for teaching the former North Point Lighthouse students for another two years. … The student count for state aid was conducted on Friday, Jan. 8. On Friday, Jan. 15, the board of North Point Lighthouse Charter School informed the City of Milwaukee’s Charter School Review Committee that it would relinquish its charter at the end of the academic year. On Feb. 22, it sent letters to parents letting them know that grades five through seven would shut down just days later, on Feb. 26. So according to state law, North Point Lighthouse Charter School, part of the national Lighthouse Academies chain, can keep the funds for the kids that attended on Jan. 8 but were turned out on Feb. 26.