Privatizing EMS ‘off the table’ in Lee County

Source: Tracey Smith, WFXL, March 22, 2016

Lee County commissioners are urging residents not to believe everything they hear. For months, Lee County commissioners have been trying to figure out a way to make the county’s emergency services more efficient. … While privatizing EMS was an idea brought up by the board in the past, board chairman Rick Muggridge said that idea is off the table. Muggridge said he wants to stress to the community that while Lee County has good public safety services, there is always room for improvement. …


Lee County proposes EMS privatization
Source: WALB, October 13, 2015

The chairman of the Lee County Commission says privatizing the county’s Emergency Medical Services would save tax money and might improve services. Commissioners discussed the controversial proposal tonight. Chairman Rick Muggridge says EMS costs the county $2.4-million a year. … Muggridge says most current employees likely would keep their jobs under a private operator.