Warren County decides against privatizing county attorney post

Source: Don Lehman, Post-Star, December 11, 2015

Warren County supervisors have decided privatization of the county attorney post is not the way to go. The Board of Supervisors Personnel Committee voted Wednesday against pursuing a proposal by Glens Falls law firm Miller, Mannix, Schachner & Hafner LLC. The committee will instead interview three lawyers who applied for the county attorney position, and then decide whether they want to hire one of them or seek additional applications. … The county has been supplementing its county attorney’s office in recent years with assistance from the Glens Falls law firm of Bartlett, Pontiff Stewart & Rhodes to assist with labor contract negotiations, the sale of Westmount Health Facility and advice for possible litigation against Siemens Building Systems, at a tab of up to $4,000 per month for each matter.


Public defenders consider shared services when conflicts arise
Source: Don Lehman, Post-Star, April 30, 2012

A number of county public defender’s offices in the region are discussing sharing services in an effort to keep bills down for lawyers the counties have to hire when defenders have conflicts of interest. Warren County Public Defender John Wappett sought permission Monday from the county Board of Supervisors Criminal Justice Committee to explore an intermunicipal agreement with other counties that could save the counties thousands of dollars in legal fees. The counties often have to hire lawyers to represent indigent defendants when they have a conflict of interest that keeps the public defender’s office from representing those clients. The most common conflict of interest occurs in cases where there are multiple defendants, because the public defender’s office can only represent one defendant in a case. Public defender’s offices in each county would trade off handling conflict cases in their counties.