Potential move to privatize some Medicaid services in Nevada draws scrutiny

Source: Yesenia Amaro, Las Vegas Review-Journal, January 23, 2016

A possible move to privatize certain Medicaid services for the vulnerable continues to draw scrutiny in states across the country, including Nevada. Similar attempts have failed in at least one state in the past, and at least one other state is currently struggling. … This issue drew concerns from the beginning when legislation was introduced during last spring’s legislative session with the public, and those directly impacted by the potential switch from state to private management of the services, knowing little about it. The original legislation died, but the concept survived after quietly being grafted onto a different bill right before the Legislature adjourned. … The number of Medicaid recipients has increased across the nation, including in Nevada, where many more became eligible under the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. The total number of Medicaid recipients in the Silver State as of December was 608,790. Advocates have estimated that about 50,000 elderly, blind and disabled could be affected by the potential switch to managed care. The state’s total Medicaid budget for fiscal year 2016 is more than $3 billion.


Possible privatization of Medicaid Services raises concerns
Source: Yesenia Amaro, Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 6, 2015

Legislation that would have privatized Medicaid services for the elderly, the blind and the disabled in Nevada died in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, but the concept survived after being grafted onto a different bill. Senate Bill 514 was introduced a day before the June 1 adjournment and was quickly approved by the Legislature. Advocates who raised concerns about defunct Assembly Bill 310 say they are worried about SB514. It’s unclear how many people would be affected under the newly passed bill, which as of Friday hadn’t been signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval. ….