Lynchburg lawmaker suggests privatization to keep training center open

Source: Tim Saunders, WDBJ, January 19, 2016

The state agency that operates all of Virginia’s training centers is moving away from institutional care and shifting funds to private groups that provide home-based care.  Some training centers in other parts of the state have already shut down. State Senator Steve Newman has proposed legislation to slow the process of closing CTVC. … Newman has introduced a budget amendment that would prevent money from being shifted away from the Central Virginia Training Center. He also wants the state to consider partnering with a private agency to operate four buildings on the training center property. … Under Newman’s plan the state would retain ownership of the training center, but a private group would be in charge of its day-to-day operations. Some families worry a private operator will cause the level of care to go down. … 212 people live at the Central Virginia Training Center right now, according to a spokesperson for the facility.