The Sketchy World Of For-Profit Colleges

Source: Kristin Wong, Lifehacker, December 2, 2015

For-profit colleges are getting a lot of attention lately, and not the good kind. They’re being sued, government officials are speaking out against them, and reports are uncovering their shady practices. If a for-profit college is on your radar, you want to think twice and know what you’re getting into. You’ve heard of these colleges: ITT Tech, the University of Phoenix, and the Art Institute are popular examples of for-profit schools (and ones that have recently gotten in trouble). Recently, one of the largest for-profit chains, Education Management Corporation, agreed to pay $95 million to settle claims of illegal recruiting tactics and consumer fraud. As enrollment rates are on the rise, Federal and State governments are starting to crack down on these schools, and that’s a good thing, because for-profit schools are a big cause of the common issues you hear grads complaining about: student debt burdens and unemployment, for example.