Delays persist in Rural/Metro’s West Valley ambulance plan

Source: Justin Sayers, The Republic, October 14, 2015

Officials from Rural/Metro Corp. have agreed to further postpone their new ambulance-deployment plan for the West Valley in an effort to meet the needs of fire departments and labor groups. …  A schedule shared with The Arizona Republic showed that Southwest Ambulance, a branch of Rural/Metro, would no longer station ambulances in Glendale from 11:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. beginning Sept. 19. … The company postponed implementation of the plan to Oct. 17 after meeting with area fire chiefs and union representatives in recent weeks, said Tom Milton, director of community relations for Rural/Metro Corp. Another meeting was held this week. … Butch believes the plan still limits the number of emergency ambulances available throughout the West Valley. He said he’s spoken to a fire department in Tacoma, Wash., that had a similar deployment put in place by Rural/Metro. He said they have had trouble keeping their staffing at a high level and experience a constant 25 percent shortage.


Rural/Metro delays plans for Glendale ambulance service
Source: Justin Sayers, The Republic, September 21, 2015

Rural/Metro Corp. has postponed a plan to reassign ambulances dedicated for overnight service in Glendale after the interim fire chief there threatened to find another provider. … Records shared with The Arizona Republic showed that Southwest Ambulance, as operated by Rural/Metro, would no longer station ambulances in the city from 11:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. beginning Sept. 19. … Rural/Metro initially announced a new deployment plan Sept. 2 in a letter to local firefighters unions with the intention of implementing it Sept. 19. Shortly after receiving the letter, Butch’s union publicly accused Southwest Ambulance of planning to limit its service to Glendale.