The investigators uncover another deadly crash involving same ambulance company

Source: Jim Hoffer, WABC, September 14, 2015

In an earlier investigation, Eyewitness News reported on two separate accidents involving drivers who fell asleep behind the wheel of a SeniorCare Ambulance, causing the death of one patient and serious injury to a pedestrian. Now, we’ve uncovered a third accident involving the huge Bronx-based company and new video showing the EMT driver dozing off, with deadly results. One early morning in 2010, a SeniorCare Ambulance driver was transporting Perla Pietrafesa to a Long Island nursing home, with her husband Richard also riding in the back of the ambulance. It was their last time together. New DashCam video obtained by the Eyewitness News Investigators shows the SeniorCare driver falling asleep behind the wheel before slamming into a tree. The impact killed Richard. … The Department of Motor Vehicles investigation concluded that the driver had fallen asleep because she had been awake more than 20 hours after agreeing to work back-to-back shifts. But as our investigation uncovered, SeniorCare EMT drivers continued to fall asleep with devastating results. In 2012, a SeniorCare driver appeared to nod off, striking several parked cars and a woman who was nearly killed. … Then, earlier this year, a SeniorCare Ambulance ran off the road and struck a utility pole, killing Janet Hickey, a patient in the back of the ambulance. Sources tell Eyewitness News that the teenage ambulance driver fell asleep behind the wheel. SeniorCare insists the driver was fully qualified, met the company’s rest rules and had cleared all drug tests after the accident.