CUPE raises concerns about privatizing hospital services

Source: Jacques Poitras, CBS News Canada, September 18, 2015

The Canadian Union of Public Employees released a scathing report on Friday listing problems that have come up in facilities where three leading food and cleaning companies have operated. The so-called “Big Three” companies are Sodex of France, Aramark of the United States and Compass Group of the United Kingdom. Norma Robinson, the president of CUPE Local 1252, predicts poorer quality food and “deaths from hospital-based infections” if any of the companies is chosen. … The department hopes to wrap up negotiations with the company that would providing the privatized services in the fall, he said. … Health Minister Victor Boudreau said in April the province had already picked a company and was negotiating a contract. He didn’t identify the company. Boudreau said at the time it would lead to “significant savings” in the health budget and that there would be “an impact” on the number of food and cleaning service jobs. It’s part of the Gallant Liberals’ overall push to reduce spending to grapple with a projected $470.6-million deficit, a figure that includes a $150-million contingency cushion.


Privatization in Health Care: Pay More, Get Less
Source: Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 1252, September 18, 2015

The New Brunswick Council of Hospital Unions – CUPE Local 1252 which represents hospital workers, released a report today that portrays a poor picture of the situation that prevailed in hospitals and other institutions where food and cleaning services have been privatized. … “Our research into the three companies being considered to take over those services, Sodexo, Aramark and Compass, shows a very troubling picture of the quality of the services provided. All over the world, all three competitors have shown very poor track records when it comes to cleaning and food preparation. The latest being in Ontario’s Niagara Health Region where the Hospital Board ended that relationship with Aramark after a major outbreak of C. difficile that caused the death of 37 patients.”

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