Jeb Bush Super PAC Donors Also Spend Big To Influence Washington

Source: Paul Blumenthal, Huffington Post, August 12, 2015

… Right to Rise has also received $100,000 from the Florida-based private prison operator The GEO Group. During his two terms as governor of Florida, Bush was a big supporter of the privatization of prisons, aiding the company’s growth. The GEO Group is now lobbying at the federal level on criminal justice reforms pursued by both parties. The company states that it advocates for public-private partnerships for prisoner reentry, rehabilitation and diversion programs.  At the same time, the company tells investors that it’s profits would take a hit from laxer criminal enforcement. An investor filing by The GEO Group, first noted by FirstLook’s Lee Fang, states that the company’s profits “could be adversely affected” by “the relaxation of criminal or immigration enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction, sentencing or deportation practices, and the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by criminal laws or the loosening of immigration laws.” This includes “the decriminalization of drugs,” any reduction in crime rates and the passage of immigration reform laws. Private prison companies including the GEO Group have also pushed at the federal level for an expansion of private immigration prisons, and the industry has pushed at the state level for restrictive immigration laws.