County Committee Puts off Proposal to Turn EMS Over

Source: Liz Osby, Greenville Online, June 17, 2015

A controversial proposal to turn Greenville County EMS over to Greenville Health System was postponed Tuesday by a County Council committee until its next meeting so members can have a chance to review the 63-page document. The proposal was presented to the Committee of the Whole by County Administrator Joe Kernell, who said it could save the county $2 million to $3 million a year. Under the plan, which would take effect Oct. 1, the dispatch service would remain under the county’s control while the EMS service would be transferred to GHS. The County would contribute $1.5 million to the hospital to run the service, an amount that would increase 3 percent a year, and all ambulances and equipment would transfer to the hospital system. Current employees would have the choice of remaining employed by the county or switching to GHS while future employees be hired by GHS.