Committee gathering information on fire, EMS issues

Source: The Herald Independent, June 18, 2015

Monona city officials continue to gather information from other communities regarding staffing and other issues regarding fire department and EMS personnel, as they strive to put together a plan to address their own needs for the foreseeable future. The second meeting of an ad hoc committee to address those needs met June 9. Karl Franz, village administrator in Shorewood Hills, discussed the shuttering of its department and contract with the Madison Fire Department for those services, while Mike Wolf, clerk, treasurer and administrator in the town of Blooming Grove, reviewed the talks with Madison that will see the town’s fire and EMS services close effective June 30. Monona Fire Chief Scott Sullivan said his department has been steadily losing volunteers for several years, and the city must soon decide what course of action to take to continue to meet the emergency needs of residents and businesses.