A new plan emerges to save the Astrodome

Source: Gabrielle Banks, Houston Chronicle, July 28, 2015

…His plan has now become the blueprint for a public-private partnership overseen by a conservancy that would unite the city, county, the sports and convention corporation and other governmental entities with private investors to revive the Astrodome without requiring voter approval. … The details for the partnership – and who will commit to covering what percentage of the costs – are being discussed in meetings between representatives of various stakeholders, including during a session on Tuesday and another one scheduled for Friday. … The prospects of saving Houston’s most famous landmark seemed dim just less than two years ago when voters put aside their fond memories and rejected a $217 million plan to convert the Astrodome to an event and exhibit space… Emmett expects the money for the Dome will come from numerous sources, the county and perhaps the city as well.