Stats show steady growth in contracted school buses

Source: James Blue, School Bus Fleet, May 11, 2015
[Editor’s note: They use Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s figures as corroborating evidence]

Data collected by SBF over the past six consecutive years show increases in the proportion of contractor buses being used, from one-quarter in 2007-08 to one-third in 2012-13. ….

…. First, some background information: Each year, SBF collects U.S. school transportation data (see pg. 29 in our 2015 Fact Book), which breaks down most states’ school buses by how many are owned by districts, contractors or the state.

With this data, we can get an estimate of the proportion of school buses in the nation that are contractor owned, and we can compare it to previous years.
Here’s what we found in our previous editorial:
• 2007-08 school year: 25.6% contractor buses
• 2008-09: 26.9% contractor buses
• 2009-10: 28.1% contractor buses

Now, we’ve done the same calculations for the data we’ve compiled in the years since that editorial. Here’s what we found:
• 2010-11 school year: 28.3% contractor buses
• 2011-12: 30.0% contractor buses
• 2012-13: 34.7% contractor buses

Keep in mind that these are estimates, and they only take into account the school buses that states were able to categorize as district, contractor or state owned (some states can’t give us that breakdown). However, these percentages are useful in making year-to-year comparisons, and now they’ve shown increases in the proportion of contractor buses for six consecutive years. ….