Commentary: Sale of Solid Waste Services is bad for customers, Anchorage taxpayers

Source: Jillanne Inglis, Dispatch News, May 11, 2015

There is a potential sale brewing and many taxpayers may not realize it. The mayor proposes to sell the municipality’s Solid Waste Services collection. At first thought, the sale of the of SWS collection seems like a small issue. The service is provided in the historic core areas of the city. SWS serves approximately 13,000 customers. At first glance one might think what is the big deal? Think again, it is a big deal. … Solid Waste Services, the city’s garbage service, made over $2 million in 2014. It had a reserve account of approximately $7.8 million at year’s end. SWS has investigated profitable new services and the numbers could look even better. It “ain’t broke.” So why should it be sold or contracted out?