Striking custodial workers at most Stafford County schools plan to continue protest Tuesday

Source: Cathy Jett, Free Lance-Star, April 27, 2015

Employees of the company providing janitorial services for most of Stafford County’s schools plan to continue striking on Tuesday. About 50 first showed up at 7 a.m. Monday to wave signs outside GCA Services Group’s office in the Stafford County Public Schools Facilities Operations and Maintenance Facility at 25 Wyatt Lane in Stafford…. The employees, many of whom have worked for GCA as long as seven years, said they’ve never gotten a raise to their $8 an hour salary. That’s 75 cents above minimum wage in Virginia. … According to her, Santos said that management wanted to evaluate each employee’s work record individually, and some would get raises and some would not. He added that at this time they would not consider the strikers’ other concerns. These include lack of paid sick leave, insurance and other benefits….