Higher education and workforce policy: Creating more skilled workers (and jobs for them to fill)

Source: Harry J. Holzer, Brookings Institution, April 2015

….The for-profit colleges face stronger incentives to respond to the labor market, but often generate worse outcomes for poor students. These colleges have grown dramatically since 2000, and now account for over a fourth of all Pell grant recipients – to whom they market their programs quite aggressively. Completion rates in their certificate programs are high and in their AA programs are a bit above the average for public CCs, but they are very low in bachelor’s (BA) programs. Regardless of whether students finish their degrees, many also leave the for-profit schools with huge debts incurred, because of their very high tuition costs. …. And efforts to regulate the for-profit and other colleges through “gainful employment” rules have been stymied to date, largely because of legal challenges to the regulations. …
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