CVC Workers Allege Retaliation After Strike

Source: Bridget Bowman, Roll Call, Hill Blotter blog, April 28, 2015

Two Capitol Visitor Center contract workers have filed an unfair labor practice complaint against their employer for allegedly retaliating against employees who participated in a strike last week. “When I went into work on Thursday I was being harassed,” CVC cashier Kellie Duckett, 30, said in a Tuesday phone interview. “[The manager] cut my hours, she cut me and a co-worker’s hours, she was just pretty much following me around Thursday. And Friday is when she took me in her office and she threatened my job.” On April 24, the advocacy group Good Jobs Nation filed the complaint to the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of Duckett and fellow CVC cafeteria worker Tracy Allen. The complaint is filed against Restaurant Associates, which employes the food service contract workers in the Capitol complex.
Duckett and Allen were among the 13 CVC workers who participated in an April 22 strike and rally at the Capitol, along with 23 Senate workers. They said their manager began retaliating against them when they returned to work the next day. But the company said any retaliation is not allowed….
Dem leaders want Senate food workers to make $15 an hour
Source: Alexander Bolton, The Hill, April 28, 2015

Democratic leaders are calling for Senate restaurant workers to get paid $15 an hour, after media outlets reported that one food-service employee is homeless. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who is next in line to become Senate Democratic leader, said he and his colleagues have spoken to Senate Rules Committee Chairman Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) about raising wages for Senate food workers. Schumer said Tuesday he supports paying workers $15 an hour.

Food workers, janitors walk out on U.S. Senate
Source: John Verhovek and Dana Bash, CNN, April 22, 2015

About 40 contracted workers from the United States Senate walked off their jobs Wednesday morning and joined more than 1,000 labor activists at a rally calling on President Barack Obama and Congress to require federal contractors to pay their workers more. The Senate workers — employed at the upper chamber’s cafeteria, on janitorial duty and in other food service jobs — along with other federal contracted employees, are calling on the President to sign a “Model Employer Executive Order” that would give federal contracting preferences to companies that can pay their workers $15 an hour….Compass Group, a British-based catering company, confirmed that their subsidiary — New York based Restaurant Associates — contracts workers for the Senate cafeteria, but would not comment on the actions or demands of Olotara and other employees….

Senate Restaurant Staff Rebel Against Benefits Freeze
Source: Warren Rojas, Roll Call, Heard on the Hill blog, March 10, 2015

The 30 or so remaining dining services personnel who got swept up in the transfer of power from the Architect of the Capitol to Restaurant Associates in 2008 may now need pols to rectify unforeseen circumstances that have soured the entire experience for them. The fight for parity has been brewing ever since Norma Rogers — who told HOH she’ll have logged 33 years working on Capitol Hill come April — began investigating how her retirement package might shake out. Much to her dismay, Rogers discovered that as far as federal actuaries are concerned, she stopped being a government employee as soon as the catering services swap got inked into law. … Per the supervisor, the dramatic changes, including an ineligibility for overtime pay and disqualification from employer-sponsored life insurance coverage — the source said RA insists those benefits are tied to AOC; The Architect’s office maintains RA should shoulder the burden — were not part of the agreement presented to those who elected to stay put in the congressional dining halls. ….