CSEA declares end of GTECH contract at Lottery

Source: Times Union, February 26, 2015

CSEA declared victory recently when the last contract worker recently left a pilot program at the Lottery Division. The union reported in its magazine Work Force that state officials awarded GTECH — an Italian multi-billion-dollar company that manages lotteries worldwide — a $25 million contract in September 2012 to create a pilot program that had private sector workers do jobs identical to those of civil service workers at the Division. ….
CSEA: Lottery Outsourcing Jobs To Firm That’s Big Cuomo Contributor
Source: Mark Toor, Chief Leader, December 16, 2013
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The Civil Service Employees Association is redoubling its efforts to fight a pilot program by the State Lottery to hire employees of a private company to do the work usually done by civil-service Lottery Marketing Representatives. The union has opposed the program since summer but has made no progress, said CSEA spokesman Stephen Madarasz….The company, GTECH, is a multi-billion-dollar international corporation that manages lotteries around the world. GTECH’s political-action committee had contributed $40,000 to Mr. Cuomo as of last January, according to the New York Public Interest Research Group…. “It’s a sign of the times, this outsourcing,” he told THE CHIEF-LEADER last week. “It’s costing more and you’re not getting better service. In the long run, even with the health-care and pensions, civil service is still cheaper.” He noted that the GTECH representatives “sell less tickets, and they make less money.” A CSEA official who asked not to be named said that “every time one of our members leaves they put in a GTECH person…It’s this huge company coming in and taking over state jobs in New York City. Eventually they’ll probably spread out across the state.” … Mr. Skoufis wrote a letter Dec. 11 to Gardner Gurney, Acting Director of the State Lottery, asking why the agency was hiring workers from GTECH instead of civil-service Lottery Marketing Representatives. …

CSEA seeks ethics probe / Request targets former director of Division of Lottery
Source: James M. Odato, Times Union, May 6, 2013

The head of the contract administration for the Civil Service Employees Association has formally requested a state ethics probe of the former director of the Division of Lottery. Ross Hanna requested the investigation because Gordon Medenica took a job as a consultant for GTech, the major lottery services contractor that received a $25 million contract shortly before Medenica resigned his Lottery position….

CSEA wants Medenica hiring investigated
Source: Casey Seiler, Times Union, Capitol Confidential blog, April 17, 2013

CSEA wants to see the hiring of former State Lottery Director Gordon Menedica by GTech Corp., the Lottery Division’s biggest vendor, investigated by the Legislature, the Inspector General and the Joint Commission on Public Ethics. Medenica’s new job was the subject of Jim Odato’s column on Monday, though somehow CSEA fails to mention that in their release. In that article, Medenica noted that he waited 30 days before pursuing the job, and says that GTech will use him as a consultant in New Jersey, Illinois and Indiana, but not in New York.