Charles City, Waste Management agree to $1.5 million settlement

Source: Andre Jones, New Kent – Charles City Chronicle, January 28, 2015

After 15 months of legalities, motions, and mediation as part of a civil lawsuit between Charles City County and Waste Management, both parties have agreed to a $1.5 million settlement. Charles City Board of Supervisors chairman Gilbert Smith announced the settlement during the board’s Jan. 27 regular monthly meeting. … The path to a mutual agreement, however, didn’t come without bumps along the way. In October 2013, Boyd filed a civil suit on behalf of the county, listing claims that indicated Waste Management was avoiding to pay a host fee to dispose of trash at the Roxbury landfill. Accusations arose, claiming that waste was being redirected to Amelia County because of a lower host fee. Waste Management denied the claims, opting to fight the suit and move forward to a jury trial. A motion was granted last June to transfer the case to New Kent, a request made by Waste Management claiming a jury from Charles City would be biased based on prejudicial pretrial publicity. In the meantime, revenue funds dwindled for the county, resulting in $900,000 in cuts. Of that amount, $436,000 was designated to be removed from local funding for the county’s school system…..