Advantages of a Healthcare Laundry Cooperative

Sponsor: International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM), White Paper, July 15, 2014
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Laundry is the most outsourced service by hospitals. Before you outsource to a commercial service, learn more about the benefits of a laundry cooperative. Healthcare facilities nationwide are looking for ways to cut costs and operate more efficiently, and that includes how they source their laundry and linen service. This white paper provides an overview of all laundry options available to healthcare providers, including information on the advantages provided by laundry cooperatives.

• The differences between OPLs, laundry cooperatives, commercial 3rd party providers, as well as contract management versus independent management.
• How laundry cooperatives can provide enhanced quality and service while reducing costs.
• Why you don’t have to build your own cooperative to secure the benefits they offer.
• How you can apply for a complimentary audit of your laundry operation (and secure help determining current laundry costs and a second opinion on how to increase operational efficiency).