Steuben County moves ahead with nursing home sale / Union say property has been sold illegally

Source: Mary Perham,, January 26, 2014

Plans to transfer the Steuben County Health Care Facility to Centers for Specialty Care Group LLC by June continue, despite an appeal to the state Supreme Court. Steuben County Legislature Chairman Joseph Hauryski said the county has filed the required applications to the state Department Health and expects the documents to be approved in February. State approval would allow the county to go forward with the sale of its 105-bed facility on Mount Washington to Centers for Specialty Care. However, an appeal by the Civil Service Employees Association, or CSEA, could delay the county’s scheduled closing date. The appeal, filed in the state Supreme Court Fourth District, maintains Steuben County legislators sold the facility illegally. The CSEA said the county nursing home can only be sold if it is no longer needed for public use….

CSEA: Steuben County nursing facility deal too secretive
Source: Jeff Murray,, October 10, 2013

The union representing workers at the Steuben County Nursing Facility in Bath is blasting the county for what it claims is a secretive process in the pending sale of the facility. The county is selling the facility to New York-based Centers for Specialty Care, which has purchased four or five other county-run nursing homes across the state and has a good track record of running them, County Administrator Mark Alger said. The county wanted at least $8 million and Centers for Specialty Care bid $11 million, Alger said. Civil Service Employees Association, the union, claims the county has carried out the process in secret and has refused several Freedom of Information and Taylor Law requests for documents…

CSEA files suit against Steuben County over nursing home sale
Source: Ray Finger, Democrat and Chronicle, April 29, 2013

The Civil Service Employees Association said Monday it has filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court against Steuben County challenging the sale of the county health care facility in Bath….The Steuben County Legislature voted in December to sell the county’s 105-bed health care facility to Centers for Specialty Care Group. The union also objects to a vote by the county legislature allowing the county administrator to negotiate a sales agreement. In neighboring Chemung County, the legislature voted in February to hire Marcus and Millichap Real Estate Investment Services, a national firm, to evaluate and market the 200-bed county nursing facility in Elmira….

Pending sale of nursing home: CSEA sues Steuben County
Source: Derrick Ek, Corning Leader, April 29, 2013
The county reached a deal in December with Centers for Specialty Care Group – a private firm that operates 22 nursing homes and other health care facilities in New York and New Jersey – to sell the Steuben County Health Care Facility for $10.75 million…. Centers for Specialty Care Group also recently acquired Founders Pavilion, a nursing home in downtown Corning. A company spokesman could not be reached for comment Monday on the CSEA’s attempt to stop its acquisition of the Bath facility….

County to outsource some healthcare facility services
Source: Mary Perham, Bath Courier, July 01, 2012

Rebecca Steuben County Legislators Look to Outsource Health Care Facility
Source: Solomon, WMET, June 4, 2012

Health Care Facility residents plead: Don’t outsource our family
Source: Mary Perham, Corning Leader, May 21, 2012

Residents and employees of the Steuben County Health Care Facility spoke out Monday in favor of keeping the 105-bed nursing home completely under county control. The county expects to receive next week estimates from outside businesses on what they would charge to provide kitchen, maintenance and housekeeping services at the nursing home.

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