City to resume management of Sherwood Hall / Grant money to finance needed repairs; YoSal to stay as a renter

Source: Roberto M. Robledo, Californian, September 18, 2013

After three years of outsourcing the operation of its major entertainment venue, the city of Salinas is resuming control of Sherwood Hall. Officials at both City Hall and the National Steinbeck Center confirmed Tuesday that the 1,400-seat hall used for concerts, theater performances and speaking engagements has returned to city oversight. However, future outsourcing of the hall is not off the table, one official said. The Steinbeck Center assumed operations of Sherwood Hall in September 2010 when the city, strapped financially by successive years of revenue shortages, farmed out certain city services to the private and nonprofit sectors. Some of those services included the city pool, golf courses and an east side recreation center. Those services remain outsourced today, said Jim Pia, assistant city manager….Still, the city continued to bear its burden for some of the costs such as utilities, Pia said. The city’s decision to resume management of Sherwood was made in part because of some “six-figure” financing for improvements through the federal Community Development Block Grant program. For now, the departments of library-community services and public works will share management of Sherwood, Pia said….