The Top 30 Biggest State Contractors

Source: Stephen Beale, GoLocalProv News, April 06, 2012

State spending on contractors has exploded over the past decade, doubling between fiscal years 2002 and 2012 and consuming more than 13 percent of all personnel costs, a GoLocalProv review of state budget records reveals. Contractor costs are currently estimated at $268 million, $32.5 million over what was budgeted in this fiscal year. Contracting costs for architectural and engineering services have shot up 78.4 percent between what was spent in 2002 and budgeted for 2012. Education contracts have skyrocketed by 154 percent while management and auditing services are up 29 percent….The top 30 contractors identified in a review of more than two thousand contracts account for more than half of that total, at $166.5 million. Nearly half of the top 30 contractors were hired through the Department of Transportation, followed by seven for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and six for the Department of Human Services.

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