Niagara Health System cuts ties with Aramark, U.S. firm that managed housekeeping

Source: Theresa Boyle, Toronto Star, March 27 2012

The Niagara Health System, which battled a deadly C. difficile outbreak last year, is cutting ties with the U.S. firm that manages its cleaning services amid allegations of lax housekeeping…Meantime, an investigation into hospital cleanliness by CBC’s Marketplace, revealed that housekeeping at three of seven hospitals in the Niagara Health System is wanting. An episode that aired last week showed how a harmless gel was placed on high-touch surfaces like light switches and elevator buttons. Some 24 later, the gel was still there, indicating the surfaces had not been cleaned.

Aramark had managed cleaning services at NHS since 2002, but organization spokesperson Caroline Bourque Wiley said a decision has been taken to move the management position in-house. In addition, she said the organization will be adding the equivalent of 18 new full-time cleaning positions.

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