National Express Group’s Diminution of Labor Rights in the U.S.

Source: John Logan, Professor and Director of Labor and Employment Studies, College of Business, San Francisco State University, 2012

National Express Group (NEG), which owns the second-largest provider of school bus services in the United States, U.S. Durham School Services and Canadian school bus operator Stock Transportation, faces a stark choice in its labor practices. The company can either continue along its current seeming path of aggressive anti-union behavior and failure to uphold international standards, or it can more appropriately follow the lead of other companies in the transit sector that respect labor rights and allow employees to make a free and uncoerced choice on issues related to unionization and collective bargaining.

So what are NEG’s U.S. labor practices? At present, the company has a poor record concerning respect for fundamental labor rights, even by the low standards that dominate the U.S. employment relations system.
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