Nashua officials have mixed views on publicizing Pennichuck salaries

Source: Albert McKeon, Nashua Telegraph, February 3, 2012

Given the city is the sole shareholder of Pennichuck Corp. stock, bought and paid for with the sale of municipal bonds, Mayor Donnalee Lozeau and several aldermen said they don’t object to the public release of names and salaries of Pennichuck employees….Their varied opinions about transparency and privacy underscored the tension behind the city taking ownership of a for-profit water utility that is governed by a separate board of directors, while falling under state regulation….After the city’s $200 million purchase of the company became official Jan. 25, operations at the company proceeded without a hiccup, Lozeau and others have said. With the exception of two Pennichuck executives leaving the company last week with $1.16 million in publicly-funded severance pay, the utilities, by all measures, continued providing water as they had under private ownership.

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