On Monday, 5 state agencies officially become 1

Source: Brad Shannon, Olympian, October 01, 2011

State government’s biggest restructuring in decades has been under way for months, but the newly merged Enterprise Services agency gets its own identity Monday. Nearly 1,100 employees from five agencies are part of the consolidation, which combines back-office functions for the state’s bureaucracy. Employees have a new website at www.des.wa.gov, new e-mail addresses and a new mission – but not much else will be readily visible to the public or other government agencies. The consolidations are aimed at saving $18 million over two years. … Those services include a state payroll, training and recruiting workers and giving human-resources advice, preparing legal contracts, managing real estate, purchasing supplies and running a WEBS (Washington’s Electronic Business Solution) purchasing site, managing vehicle fleets, running the state accounting and budgeting tools, custodial and groundskeeping functions, printing, and information-technology help from 300 IT workers who will be part of the 1,089-employee agency.

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