Springfield School Committee considers return to in-house custodian crew

Source: Peter Goonan, The Republican, May 11, 2011

SPRINGFIELD – The School Committee will consider going back to a full, in-house custodian crew to clean the schools, which would end the use of a private firm hired five years ago by the state-imposed Finance Control Board….Timothy J. Plante, the School Department’s chief financial officer, said the use of an in-house crew, when considering all factors including health insurance and other fringe costs, would still save an estimated $268,340 a year.

Currently, the city has a hybrid system – using S.J. Services, doing business as EduClean, for after-school custodial services, and a smaller crew of city custodians during the day. The current, five-year contract with EduClean expires June 30, but might be extended three months to help with the transition, officials said….Under the proposed plan, the city would employ 200 full-time custodians, 24 part-time custodians and three supervisors, covering daytime and nighttime shifts. The annual cost, including the fringe costs was listed as estimated at $11,954,744.

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