Tulsa City Hall puts building maintenance out for bid; city workers among those competing

Source: Brian Barber, Tulsa World, April 3, 2011

The city will begin advertising for bids this week for building maintenance at City Hall – and among those who will compete are the city employees who now do the job. Such “managed competition” is part of the city’s effort to implement findings of the KPMG efficiency review of Tulsa’s government. Pitting employees against private firms in a bidding process to lower the city’s costs and become more efficient is recommended for about 200 government services. City Hall’s building maintenance group, with 11 employees, is first up….

…The management contract is now $102,000 annually, said Vickie Beyer, who heads up the city’s Management Review Office, which is vetting and helping implement the KPMG recommendations. Building maintenance employees, however, will be bidding only on their current function, not the management portion, she said.

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