A Boom Behind Bars

Source: Graeme Wood, Bloomberg Businessweek, March 17, 2011

Private jail operators like the Corrections Corporation of America are making millions off the crackdown on illegal aliens….A publicly traded company, CCA is the largest private prison contractor in the U.S. ICE pays CCA about $90 a day per person to keep immigrants behind bars and to manage every aspect of detainees’ lives, running its prison much as the government does. The main difference is that CCA locks people up for profit. …The private prison system runs parallel to the U.S. prisons and currently accounts for nearly 10 percent of U.S. state and federal inmates, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Those numbers rise and fall in response to specific policies, and CCA has been accused of lobbying for policies that would fill its cells–such as the increase in enforcement of regulations….

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