Innovative Plan To Keep Yosemite Clinic Open

Source: Diana Marcum, California Healthline, December 06, 2010

The medical clinic in Yosemite National Park was never your average clinic. For instance, there was that time bears made themselves at home in the lunch room. In January, the clinic will pass another noteworthy milestone: It will become the first medical clinic in a national park to be operated by the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. It’s an unusual solution to a problem that threatened to leave the storied tourist draw without a clinic. Tenet — the Dallas-based investor-owned hospital company that’s owned the clinic since 1995 — has been losing money on the facility every year. Doctors Medical Center, a Tenet-owned hospital in Modesto, has been running the clinic as a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week outpatient center. It is leaving when its contract expires Dec. 31. No new takers stepped forward….

…The two agencies — Public Health Service and the National Park Service — will man the clinic together. The health service is providing doctors and nurses, and the park service is providing building maintenance and support staff. Corps doctors and nurses usually serve on American Indian reservations or remote areas where doctors are hard to find (think Dr. Joel Fleischman of the T.V. Show “Northern Exposure”). The doctors and nurses who will work in Yosemite’s clinic will wear uniforms and have military titles.
Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
“Yosemite National Park Selects Operator for Medical Clinic” news release
Socialized medicine comes to Yosemite

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