Privatization of child welfare services: Lessons learned from experienced states regarding site readiness assessment and planning

Source: Chris Flaherty, Crystal Collins-Camargoa, Elizabeth Leeb, Children and Youth Services Review, Volume 30, Issue 7, July 2008
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From the abstract:
Private agencies have a long history of providing child welfare services in the U.S. Recent attempts to improve efficiency, service quality and innovation have prompted some jurisdictions to expand privatization of these services to a broader segment of the service array. Lessons learned by public agency administrators, private providers and community stakeholders are reported….Numerous commonly shared themes emerged including: creating a shared vision for change among a range of key stakeholders, the necessity of initial and ongoing leadership to sustain efforts, challenges in establishing performance standards, and the importance of building trust and communication between partners. Findings have important implications for jurisdictions contemplating expansion of privatized child welfare services…

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