CCA inmate didn't leave cell to shower for 9 mos.

Source: By KATE HOWARD, Tennessean (TN), March 24, 2008

While other inmates at the Metro Detention Facility took an hour out of their cells most days, a mentally ill inmate named Frank Horton never left his cell for any recreation or a shower — for nine straight months. It’s unclear if he even saw a doctor.

Living conditions for the inmate, a nonviolent offender before entering prison, changed only after an employee complained to the Metro Public Health Department on Jan. 31 and he was forced out for a shower and a mental health evaluation.

The situation raises questions about the treatment of inmates at the 1,200-bed prison where many of Nashville’s convicted felons serve their time.

…… Under Metro’s contract with CCA, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office oversees the policies of the prison. The health department monitors the health records of its prisoners, as it does at the county jails.

According to Hall, the state of Tennessee pays the sheriff’s office about $17 million a year that is used to pay CCA for operating the prison.