Libraries could reopen by November / Budget committee approves proposal that halves cost, cuts operating hours

Source: By Damian Mann, Mail Tribune (OR), August 22, 2007

……… The county negotiated with Library Systems and Services LLC (known by the acronym LSSI), a Maryland-based library management company, to operate all 15 branches at $4.3 million a year, or about half the former budget before libraries were closed April 6.

……. Olney, one of about 40 audience members, said that without the union contract libraries operated under previously, volunteers can assume more duties and even potentially fill in on Sundays.

……. During a preliminary review of bids to operate all libraries from LSSI and the Service Employees International Union Local 503, the difference in cost was $1.4 million for the first year. But after a more careful analysis, the county determined LSSI’s bid was actually $1.8 million less. Over five years, LSSI’s bid saved $11.6 million over the union’s proposal.