Convention bureau may be outsourced

Source: W. Scott Bailey, San Antonio Business Journal, 7:00 p.m. ET Feb. 19, 2006

San Antonio’s municipally operated Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) has been without a permanent director since Melvin Tennant abruptly resigned nearly nine months ago. Some members of the hospitality industry are now using that fact to help convince top-level city leaders that the time has come to outsource CVB responsibilities to a new public-private organization. ….. In January 2001, long before the events of 9/11 changed everything in the tourism industry, officials here were flirting with the notion of privatizing San Antonio’s CVB. ….. There are a couple of ways City Hall can look to outsource CVB operations. One option being discussed is the formation of a convention authority that would offer better long-term funding security and still provide management plenty of autonomy. Another possibility is the creation of a tax-exempt corporation. Some local leaders say that model may prove to be the most practical approach.