Editorial: Accurate is better than fast

Source: Journal Sentinel (WI), Jan. 11, 2006

The statewide voting database has yet to materialize. Election officials missed the federally mandated deadline – a development that prompted Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to announce recently that the city would go ahead with a purge of dubious names from its voter list. State election officials had recommended that the city do the purge on the new system, which they had thought would be online by now. A good deal of the blame for the delay doubtless goes to Accenture, the information management company that got the $13.9 million contract to set up the new database. But some of the delay is due to the commendable resolve of election officials to set up the system right rather than fast.
….. The software is not yet up to speed, for which Accenture, whose bid had been deemed the best, deserves the blame. The state is rightly withholding money from the firm until after it satisfactorily completes its contract.