City Examines Sanitation Bids

Source: AMANY ALI, News Tribune (KY), November 30, 2005 03:11 pm

The city of New Albany is one step closer to knowing who will handle its garbage and recycling services. The bids were made by Industrial Disposal, Clark-Floyd Landfill Eco-Tech LLC, Rumpke and City of New Albany Sanitation Workers/AFSCME Local 1861. ….. In their bid, the union proposes to raise user fees by $3, building and operating a transfer station and selling recycled goods to a vendor. Customers currently pay $13.75 per household, per month for garbage pickup. Thompson said the union’s plan is to also eliminate what sanitation workers say are problematic garbage-collecting vehicles that were purchased by former mayor Regina Overton and buying five rear-loader trucks that have been used in the past. Sanitation workers say the Overton-era trucks don’t fit in all city alleys and have caused the collapse of garages in the city. The union also proposes using riverboat-gambling money to pay the remaining balance on garbage containers that were purchased under Overton.