What’s behind your lunch? What is a company with a history like that of Aramark doing running our campus dining service? Part I

Source: By John Hoff, Minnesota Daily, November 9, 2005

Complaints about campus food service are nothing new. Words like dreadful and abominable can be found in the minutes of various campus committees, available over the Internet, mixed with the corporate name Aramark like a less than fresh stir-fry. These are not merely the words of students, but spoken by faculty members advocating on behalf of students, like professor Paula Rabinowitz, whose remarks were summarized in minutes of the Faculty Consultative Committee on July 12, 2000, as follows: “The food is abominable and almost inedible.” She also maintained that the retail food service has a nearly-captive audience because it is a long walk to find places to eat off campus and then only to “abominable fast food places.” Moreover, it is cold in the winter; people do not want to walk half an hour to eat. She said the food was demoralizing and that there are appallingly few choices. Many people now bring their lunches and eat in their offices, she said, which is a sad commentary on the food.

Part II: From scrapes with federal authorities, to cigarette price fixing, to “Ninny the Torch,” Aramark serves up a buffet of controversy.
Part III: From dangerous meat to oversized chichis, Aramark serves a buffet of controversy.
Part IV: A dirty thumbnail history of Aramark’s troubled relationship with the University via Daily archives brings us to the present day.