Is the U.S. Government at Risk of Failing?

Source: Molly Jahn, Gregory Treverton and David Bray, PA Times, Vol. 5 no. 1, Spring 2019
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The longest government shutdown in U.S. history got most of the media’s attention. But, something worse and more fundamental is happening. Over decades, the federal government’s workforce has been both burdened and demeaned, putting government at risk of simply failing in the face of a national crisis—or multiple domestic or foreign emergencies occurring at the same time. ….

Are Declines in U.S. Federal Workforce Capabilities Putting Our Government at Risk of Failing?
Source: Dr. Molly Jahn, Dr. Gregory F. Treverton, Dr. David A. Bray, Dr. Buddhika Jayamaha, Bill Valdez, BenCarnesLiam Hutchison, Will Mulhern, Senior Executives Association, January 2019