Rise in uninsured population is negative for consumers, hospitals and governments

Source: Rebecca Karnovitz, Shahdiya Kureshi, Atsi Sheth, Daniel Steingart, Nicholas Samuels, Jessica Gladstone, Lisa Goldstein, Dean Ungar, Moody’s, Sector In-Depth, March 5, 2019
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The number of uninsured individuals in the US has been rising since 2017, and we expect it to continue to increase due to rising insurance premiums and recent federal and state policy changes. The trend is negative for consumers, healthcare providers and governments because uninsured households are less likely to seek medical care and are particularly vulnerable to healthcare-related financial shocks. Healthcare providers may therefore face reduced volumes and greater levels of bad debt and charity care. The federal government and states may also take on some of the costs of uncompensated care through transfer mechanisms to hospitals.