Labor History Booklist

Source: Rosemary Feurer, Labor History Links, 2019

This page is organized with an emphasis on the most recent work in the field, as well as the most important work of scholars from the past. some sections are more developed than others.

Categories include:
• Colonial thru Early Nineteenth Century
• Slavery
• Late 19th through early 20th
• Working Class Formation/Working Class Community Studies 1850-1950
• Twentieth Century Approaches and overviews
• Labor and Radicalism late 19th early 20th
• IWW early 20th
• World War I
• Interwar Years/1930s
• World War II
• Cold War & Labor-Anticommunism/Red Scare
• Postwar-present
• Capital Disinvestment in recent years

• Books that are highly readable
• Books for Children
• Overviews and Surveys of Labor History
• Documents Collections
• Essay Collections
• Biographies and Oral Histories
• U.S. Labor History in Global/Transnational Perspective
• Interpretations of Class in the USA
• Managerial Strategies /Bourgeois Class Formation
• Professionals and Class Issues
• Working Class Cultures/Cultures of the Workplace
• Exceptionalism (why no Labor Party/Socialism)
• Labor and the State/Labor and the Law
• Unemployment/Hours/Leisure
• African-American Labor History/Race and Labor
• Latinos/Latinas in US Labor History
• Labor Rights & Civil Rights
• Immigration Ethnicity and Labor History
• Women/Gender/Labor and Feminism
• War and the Working Class/War and Labor
• Labor and the Environment
• Specific trades/industries
• Geographical treatments
• Unions and Corruption