Checklist can tell if employee training really works

Source: Amy McCaig- Rice University, Futurity, November 21, 2018

Businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations spend big money on employee training each year, but how can they tell the preparation is actually working? The checklist, which researchers describe in a paper in the International Journal of Training and Development, provides practical guidance for all stages of implementing training programs.

The authors developed the checklist by surveying scientific research on learning and organizational training, then figuring out the best ways to achieve “training transfer”—the translation of knowledge to skills for better performance…..

A checklist for facilitating training transfer in organizations
Source: Ashley M Hughes, Stephanie Zajac, Jacqueline M Spencer, Eduardo Salas, International Journal of Training and Development, Early View, First published: 12 November 2018
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From the abstract:
Organizations leverage training as a means of improving the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of trainees; but, effective training requires that this learning is transferred from the training environment to the actual performance of the work (that is, training transfer). Unfortunately, despite billions of dollars invested in learning each year, the ‘transfer problem’ represents a persistent challenge for organizations who wish to reap the benefits of training in that trained skills are often not used on‐the‐job post‐training. In order to address this issue, we have surveyed the existing research, identified practical considerations for maximizing training transfer, and organized them in the form of a checklist for those who design and deliver training. The checklist provides evidence‐based, actionable guidance for practitioners before, during, and after training program implementation to increase utilization of trained knowledge and skills on the job.