Late Retirements + Lawsuits = Need For Vigilance

Source: Maureen Minehan, Employment Alert, Vol. 35 No. 14, July 11, 2018
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If a recent survey is right, employers need to be extra vigilant about their attitudes and practices related to older workers. According to online recruiting site CareerBuilder, even though the economy is improving many U.S. workers are still putting their retirement plans on hold. In the survey, more than half of workers aged 60+ (53%) said they are postponing retirement. Four in 10 (40%) said they don’t think they will be able to retire until they are 70 years of age or older. …. Employers should take steps now to review their age discrimination policies with managers and shore up any gaps they find in their practices. Lawsuits aimed at big companies invariably receive media attention, which in turn can spark reflection among employees at other organizations about their own experiences. ….