Healthcare for All

Source: Dissent, Spring 2018
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Articles include:
Crisis and Opportunity
Adam Gaffney
The left will not live forever on the sidelines of political power. When we have an opportunity to remake our healthcare system, we must be sure to seize it.
Introducing the special section of our Spring issue.

How to Win Medicare for All
Josh Mound
For a progressive program of government-provided healthcare to make it into law, survive, and thrive, it must be popular.

Undocumented, Uninsured, Unafraid
Beatrix Hoffman
In the fight for healthcare for all, single-payer and immigrant rights activists face serious obstacles, but also the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of true universalism.

Cashing in on Despair
George Karandinos
Profiteering is distorting the response to the opioid epidemic as much as it shaped its origin.

The Class Politics of Teeth
Mary Otto
Inequalities in oral health and dental access reflect our deepest social and economic divides.

Single-Payer or Bust
Adam Gaffney
By providing a single tier of coverage to all, with automatic enrollment, comprehensive benefits, and no cost-sharing, single-payer provides a distinct—and more egalitarian—vision of universality.