GO Methodology scorecard inputs updated for 2018

Source: Lauren Von Bargen, Heather Guss, Katie Townsend, Alexandra S. Parker, Leonard Jones, Naomi Richman, Moody’s, Sector In-Depth, April 10, 2018
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We have updated the institutional framework scores and the standardized adjustments that we use in the scorecard for our US local government general obligation (GO) methodology. In this publication, we provide the complete list of institutional framework scores for all major sectors with rated local government GO credits, as well as standardized scorecard adjustments we make for issuers in certain states and sectors to reflect factors not fully captured in the institutional framework scores. We use the scorecard as a tool in the assignment of ratings to GO debt. Adjusted scores generated by the scorecard are not necessarily reflective of assigned ratings, which we determine through a rating committee process.